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Private Events

Looking for a fun and challenging team event? Bring your group to Ninja Republic for a fully-catered ninja warrior experience!

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Our ninja warrior instructors will not only teach your group the proper mechanics to beat the warped wall, they'll give your team the confidence to push their limits and trust their abilities. We set up challenges that are difficult but we detail the mechanics of success. We set up team competitions that give everyone an opportunity to contribute to the overall success of the group.

When's the last time you sat in a conference room and told someone on your team to "trust the process"? Last week? This morning?? We believe the first thing they need to do is trust themselves. We'll put obstacles in front of them that at first glance will seem insurmountable. By the time they leave they'll trust the techniques we show them to overcome the most demanding challenges. (Those "techniques"? Just another word for "process" but that's for you to share with them when you get back to the office)

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Set up your own catering or let us handle everything. We're big fans of Frank's Texas BBQ. Frank delivers a spread that will transport you to Austin!

Your team is going to fall down and we're going to make sure they get back up. But most importantly we're going to make sure they have fun together!

Regan Fletcher, the owner of Ninja Republic, participated in his fair share of team events when he was working in the corporate world. The dreary ones felt like somebody in HR booked something just to check a box on their task list. The ones that delivered lasting results were the ones that hid the 'corporate agenda' inside the fun. We believe a ninja warrior outing delivers the right mix of fun + team bonding, and at the end of day, a team that's ready to challenge itself to achieve greatness.

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