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Birthday Parties

We are currently booking parties through June 2024

The All-In Ninja Party

All of our birthday parties give you private use of the gym (no other parties, open gym, etc.) and include:

  • 20 kids, including the birthday ninja. Please scroll to FAQ's for how we host parties with more than 20 kids

  • 75 minutes of ninja time; we use the first 15 minutes for check-in and safety overview

    • **** If your guests arrive on time and complete their waivers ahead of arriving you'll get more gym time****

  • Dedicated ninja instructors and party hosts

  • First half of gym time is open gym so kids can try different obstacles

  • Second half is an obstacle course or obstacle relay race

  • 30 minutes in a party room

  • 1 bottle of water per kid (Gatorade optional)

  • Paper plates, napkins & plastic forks for cake

  • Optional (Extra cost) - Fresh, hot pizza delivered from Seniore's and/or 12oz bottles of Gatorade to quench the kids' thirst after working up a sweat on the obstacles.



Birthday Party Food

1. Absolutely no food or drink in the gym area. If the flooring beneath your feet is blue then no food or drink in your hands. No exceptions.

2. We have a great pizza partner - Seniore's Pizza delivers fresh, hot pizza on time. No need to order pizzas when you book your party; five days before your party you'll receive an email from us asking for your pizza order.  Hopefully by then you have your headcount finalized. You can also upgrade your water bottles to 12oz bottles of Gatorade.

3. You're welcome to bring or order your own food or snacks or drinks; we do not have a "No Outside Food" policy at Ninja Republic. But the caveat to that is...

4. Your time in the party room has a definitive end time. If your delivery food arrives 5 minutes before your time in the party room ends you'll have 4 minutes and 59 seconds to finish your food. If you choose your own pizza delivery, schedule the delivery for one hour after your party time. i.e. for a noon party schedule delivery for 1pm. Lastly, we strongly discourage Costco pizza. Their lack of delivery means you'll be in Foster City while your kid's party has already started. And it will be cold & rubbery when we serve it to your guests. That's just our observation, take it as you will.

5. Our plates & napkins are white and our table cloths are gray. If unicorns are more your kid's thing, you're welcome to bring your own decor and our staff will help you set up.

We use Party Center Software to manage party reservations and waivers. The "Book Your Party" and "Sign Waiver" buttons will take you to

Birthday Party FAQ's

Q: Can we have more than 20 kids at our party?

A:  Yes. The size of our party rooms is the limiting factor for headcount. Both party rooms are set up to seat 20. We can add a table to Party Room 1 that allows us to seat 25; Party Room 2 has a max capacity of 22. Both of our party rooms get crowded when they're filled with kids so we kindly ask you to ask parents of your guests to stay in the lobby area so our staff has room to serve your guests. The lobby is right outside the party room so they're close by. If you think you will have more than 20 kids but no more than 25, please book one of these three time slots:  10am, 12:30pm or 3pm on the weekend or the Friday afternoon slot.

Q: Can you accommodate more than 25?

A:  Yes, but it requires us to move all the tables and chairs to our lobby and set up a party room there. We can accommodate up to 40 guests with this set up. Please note this setup can only be done for the 5pm Friday afternoon party slot or the 4:15pm slot on Saturday or Sunday. Let us know that you plan to go above 25 kids and we will manually change the start to 5pm so our staff has time to clear out the earlier parties and set up the tables in the lobby for you. In short, all parties larger than 25 kids start at 5pm or later. Please call us first if you'd like this setup. A party for 40 kids in our lobby looks like this:  

Q: What is the cost for additional guests?

A:  $20/kid for guests above and beyond the first 20

Q: Are any food or drinks not allowed?

A:  Yes. Please do not bring drink containers that need to be poured into a cup (think 2L soda or juice bottle). Also, please do not bring grapes, blueberries or watermelon. Seriously. They inevitably end up on the floor and are stepped on, leaving us with a squishy mess to clean up before the next party starts. We typically have a quick turnaround before the next party so these sticky messes tend to delay the party after yours. Also, please keep in mind your group will have 30 minutes in our party room. It's enough time for pizza & cake but extra treats (chips, cookies, etc.) tend to leave the cake feeling rushed. 

Q: Can I bring confetti or similar decorations for the table?

A: NO! That stuff doesn't sweep up; it needs a shop vac to clean up and we need to get the room ready for the next party. 

Q: Can parents stay and watch?

A:  Yes, definitely! There is plenty of space in the gym and we have barstool seating set up. But given the limited space in the party room, we kindly ask guest parents to stay in the lobby area so our staff can serve the kids once they've moved to the party room.

Q:  What is the cancellation policy?

A:  Your $300 deposit is nonrefundable. We will change the date or time of your party, without a fee, to another available date and time with 14 days notice. Inside 14 days you have a choice of canceling altogether and forfeiting your deposit or you purchase a 10-visit open gym punch card (currently $212.50) as a change fee to another time and date... we get compensated for a last-minute cancelation but you get real value from the "fee".

Q: Can parents of guests drop off their kids or do they have to stay on site?

A:  Parents are welcome to drop their kids and return 1 hour and 45 minutes later for pickup but they need to check in their kid at our front desk so we can confirm we have a valid waiver on file. If parents are carpooling, please ensure all the kids in your car have a waiver signed before you arrive. If we don't have a waiver on file and there is no parent on site we will hold that kid out of the gym until a parent can be tracked down to complete a waiver on their phone. Seriously. We've done it and will do it again if need be... 

Q: Can I sign the waiver for someone else's kid?

A:  No. Parent or guardian only.

Q: Can parents participate?

A:  Yes.*     No need to scroll down to see the fine print that goes along with *, we're putting it in bold font:  (1) a parent who would like to try some of the obstacles must have a signed waiver in their name on file. (2) a parent who would like to try some of the advanced obstacles MUST ask a staff member for instructions on any advanced obstacle they'd like to try. We love seeing parents getting off their barstool to try their hand at ninja but it's very different from their typical gym workout and the chance of injury is exponentially higher on some of our advanced obstacles without proper instruction. Lastly, the 14.5' warped wall and the salmon ladder are off limits unless permission is granted by the manager on duty. No exceptions.

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