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Back to School Nights

If your kid's Back to School night is 'parents only' we've got you covered for the evening. We'll even give you a little extra time to go out afterwards to gossip about the new teacher! Even better, you're going to be supporting your own school in the process. 

Read on for more info...

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Your kids are adorable, but the simple truth is their teachers don't want them at Back to School Night... so drop them off at Ninja Republic instead and even get a little bit of a date night out of it.

5:30pm to 8:30pm

Fiesta Gardens - Aug 22       Washington/Burlingame - Aug 31

We'll have open gym to start the evening then set up an obstacle course and maybe even play some games like 'capture the flag' or 'chaos tag'. If some of the kids get too tired we'll have episodes of American Ninja Warrior Jr. playing on the TV. Around 6:30 we'll get pizzas & drinks delivered from Seniore's so they'll get fed too.

Cost is $40/kid but we're giving 20% of the proceeds back to your school's PTA!

Maximum capacity is 40 kids so...

Waivers required for each kid (siblings can be on the same waiver) so do that now:

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