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Ninja Warrior Classes

Every journey begins with a first step and the first step to being a true ninja warrior is to learn the techniques to master each obstacle. Our classes teach those techniques.

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Kids Classes

These classes are for younger ninjas, ranging from zero experience with ninja obstacles to kids at an intermediate skill level. Instructor-led classes will teach proper technique as well as demonstrate different ways to complete the obstacles depending on strength and skill level. This is a great class for kids who are looking for something active, fun and different. They will have fun learning new skills and not even realize the strength and coordination that they are building.

Classes begin shorty after opening
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Adult Classes

These classes are for adults of all skill levels and tend to have a lower instructor : athlete ratio. Ninjas will be divided into groups based on skill so that everyone is able to focus on obstacles suitable to their level. Instructors provide guidance, technique and suggestions on how to build strength and improvement.

Adult classes coming soon!
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Private Lessons

If you've decided that a ninja warrior is what you want to be when you grow up, one-on-one lessons will help you get there.  Instruction is available for any ability level and any age, and progress at your pace. Classes start at $65/hour; please call us to make arrangements.

Coming soon!
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